Marketing Tools

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We, at Galaxy Affiliates provide an eclectic amalgamation of marketing tools to help promote our affiliates. With a single minded goal to help you allure visitors and make oodles of money, we make customised marketing gear per vertical and brand. Flash banners, gif banners, landing pages, HTML e-mails and reviews – we are innovating each day to give you enticing tools.

Marketing Tools

Banners and Landing Pages

The banners are available in multiple formats and relevant to the theme of the site. We provide a wide variety of sports, casino and poker banners. We cater to a global clientele and hence the banners are available in all the languages that we support. It is very important to understand that these banners are created carefully so as to be non-intrusive and are placed in the promotional area which is easily noticeable to the player on the sign up page.

Free Games and Promotions

Promotions and Free games

We run continuous promotions and sometimes offer free games so that we are always in the limelight. We give away free spins and offers that always provide player satisfaction.
In the past, we have noticed that freely available demo games convert at a pretty high rate. The stickiness of the players is high. These are available for you to keep the player engaged on your website providing a very high possibility of conversion.

Free Games and Promotions

Screenshot Library

Pictures always cause a larger effect on the brain that just reading material. Thus, we have a screenshot library that is readily available for you to choose from. The images include screenshots of the games that are being played. This increases an interest in the player and consequently, increases clicks. You can freely choose images from the vast library of screenshots to use in an email, review, banner or landing page.

This is just a preview of what we can do. And the list does not end here. Together we can develop custom made promotions and marketing campaigns.

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