Commission Structure

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We, at Galaxy Affiliates are ever committed to our affiliates and offer a step above fair services. We believe in maintaining transparency and providing our affiliates with the best possible revenue through a generous commission structure.

The commission structures vary and are designed to best suit our affiliates.

Revenue Share

Cost per Acquisition

This commission plan offers a fixed fee. The performance of the affiliate is assessed and is appraised accordingly. The revenue earned depends on the quantity as well as the quality of the players so that you can climb up the ladder proportionately with the hard work you put in. Remember, at Galaxy Affiliates, hard work never goes unnoticed.

Sub Affiliates

Apart from the usual commissions, each time our affiliate brings in a sub-affiliate, he gets rewarded. Every affiliate has a personal affiliate manager that provides a tracking link to him. So, the affiliate automatically gets rewarded through the tracking link when he gets a friend on board.

Apart from this, you can indulge in a special tailor made revenue commission plan by deliberating with your personal account manager.


  • Once you associate a player with us through you, a revenue stream opens for you that earns you commission for as long as the player is active. We believe in life time partnership.

  • If the player plays on various brands, you will earn a commission on it irrespective of whether you promoted only a single brand to the player.

Stay rest assured that no payment will be missed! Offering our affiliates with the most competitive and generous commission has always been our top endeavour. Our affiliates are an integral part of our affiliate program and we go to great lengths to see to it that the payment is disbursed in time without fail.

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